Play One-Touch R&B Chords Through Any VST!

The R&B Chordz Engine gives you access to lush, advanced Urban R&B Chords bursting with flavor and emotion at the press of a Key. With incredible realism and quality, The R&B Chordz Engine shaves hours off of producing your best music.. 

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Available for Windows Only: Mac Users Click Here


Play Instant R&B Progressions

Play Realistic Chords w/Any VST

Learn The Secrets 

Play instant amazing R&B chords and progressions with the press of a key.

Find R&B chords for any song or melody. Play advanced R&B chords through the VST of your choice. 

Easily Learn the advanced R&B chords and chord voicings with the visual Keyboard Display of Chordz 

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How to Install

System requirements: To run the R&B Chordz Engine preset bank with the Chordz vst you need a VST compatible 32-bit or 64-bit host (DAW) running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or above.
Not Mac Compatible at this time. 
Click HERE for the MAC compatible version!

To Install: 

  1. Purchase The R&B Chordz Engine Bank then take the following steps
  2. First click here to download the Free Chordz VST.
    To install the Chordz VST, simply open the downloaded zip file and extract the folder to your plugins folder. Or simply add a new plugin path inside your DAW to point to the extracted "Chordz" Folder. Re-scan your plugins and the VST will be installed.
  3. Next Install the R&B Chordz Engine Bank: Extract the downloaded .zip file to your 'Documents' folder. Open Chordz and your R&B Chordz Engine presets will be installed.

MIDI routing into any VST instructions for your specific DAW:

Step 1 Purchase R&B Chordz Engine BankStep 2 Download and Install Chordz

Watch this 12 minute Video to learn more!

Instantly Sound More Professional

Over 80 instant R&B Chord Progression Theory presets bring you tons of song ideas.

Easy To Download and Install

Download and Install the whole solution in just a few clicks. Get going immediately. 

Be More Productive!

Save time and energy. Expand your creative power. Empower yourself. 

Download R&B Chordz Engine Bank Now

Ready to experience possibly one of the most valuable tools you may come across as a producer?


Can I run The R&B Chordz Engine for Chordz on a Mac?
No. For a Mac compatible Version Click Here.  

Do I need to have one of the programs listed?
If you have one of the programs listed above, your DAW is FULLY compatible and supported. If you do not have one of the programs listed you can use the R&B Chord Engine Presets for Cthulhu. Click here for more info

Will the MIDI chords be recorded into my DAW as MIDI chords?
No. The Audio from your VST will always output chords exactly the way you hear it when you press the keys. So, your exports will always contain the chords you hear as you play through your favorite VST. However, you can try plugins like Loopbe to record the actual chords as MIDI chords. 

Do I have to use PayPal
No. You can checkout with any debit or credit card. Just use the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button. Note: All payment transactions are processed through PayPal and will read from: TrakSorce. Once your Payment is completed, be sure to click the "Return to Merchant" button to receive your files if you are not automatically redirected. You will also receive an email with your downloads.

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